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The Woodworkers offers more design choices in sliding door units than any other manufacturer, incorporating both overwidth and overheight options for maximum flexibility. Our doors can be made intruder and bushfire resistant with stealshield outer panels that provide cost effective security.

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Sliding doors are the type of doors which open horizontally by sliding parallel to a wall. There are two common forms of sliders: Overhead track sliders and Bottom roller sliders and stackers. The term stacker refers to multiple sliding doors that stack over each other as they open.

Bottom roller sliding doors are the most common and Woodworkers use adjustable heavy duty stainless steel rollers, anodised top track and brass bottom track (no powdercoats) to ensure our sliders are the best available.

Sliding doors permit wider obstruction-free vistas to be achieved as the leaf size of sliding doors can be much wider than with multi folds. They can be up to 40% less expensive than multi folds and, because their weight can be carried on bottom rollers, they need not burden overhead lintels or side jambs. They are suitable for very wide and tall openings but do not allow unrestricted thoroughfare as the leaves are stacked in the opening space reducing it by up to 50%. They are easier to insect screen or security mesh and are operationally simple with fewer maintenance issues as they have fewer mechanical parts.

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